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Ireland’s leading GPS Tracker for tracking your car, motorbike, scooter, fleet of trucks, farm machinery or even your bicycle.

Hide the GPS Tracker anywhere in your car or vehicle and track its position in real time from the Munster GPS app.

The main differences between our GPS Trackers

These trackers work on ALL VEHICLES, not just cars

The MG705 GPS Tracker has a 5,000mAh Battery and comes with a 12/24 voltage reducer, providing continuous power to the battery and has a strong magnet attached.

The MG715 GPS Tracker has a 10,000mAh Battery that does not require attaching to the main battery as it has an extended battery life of up to 10 weeks without charging. Has a strong magnet attached.

The MG716 GPS Tracker plugs directly into the OBD Diagnostic Port of the vehicle.

GPS Tracker Features

Realtime Tracking

Historical Movements

Geofence – Virtual Fence

Year 1 Subscription Included

Free App & Web Portal

Realtime Anti-theft Alerts

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