Sigfox Sim Free GPS Trackers

This is exciting new technology. You don’t need a SIM card and you don’t need to recharge the battery every day. Just Plug and Play. The tracker updates its position once every ten minutes and the battery life is as much as 3 years.

The Sigfox GPS Trackers are especially designed for expensive vulnerable assets that need tracking but do not have their own source of power. The beauty of this new technology is there is no setting up. You just attach it to your equipment and watch it move on your Smartphone app. Likewise you can login to the desktop web portal and watch your tracker or trackers. The desktop version also allows you to view tracker route history.

The tracker alerts you when it moves or goes outside/inside a predefined area/zone. Any of your family or friends can download the app and if you share the login details they too can watch your tracker location on their phone or desktop.

You do not need a SIM card as the tracker communicates with the server through a dedicated frequency which is installed on 140 Transceiver locations around the country.


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