Chipfox GPS Tracker

228.00 including VAT

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You don’t need a SIM card and you don’t need to recharge the battery every week. Just Plug and Play

Autonomous low-power, plug & play tracking solution. With no SIM card installation required, works with our free web & mobile application, offering GPS and SIGFOX Geolocation. Thanks to it’s numerous dedicated energy saving algorithms, Sigfox GPS IoT Tracker is a highly energy efficient solution for managing, tracking and securing of non-powered assets.

Built on hi-end Telecom Design™ ultra low-power module, this small, lightweight device provides the perfect combination of size, weight, autonomy and functionality.

You do not need a SIM card as the tracker communicates with the server through a dedicated frequency which is installed in 140 Transceiver locations around the country.
Once the tracker is attached to the asset you just login on your computer or smart phone and watch it move. Simple as that !

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Chipfox GPS Tracker Chipfox GPS Tracker
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The Chipfox Sigfox Sim Free GPS Tracker is perfect for

  • Personal GPS Tracking. (Elders, Kids etc.)
  • Pet GPS Tracking (Collar can be fitted to the tracker)
  • Machinery GPS Tracking
  • Cargo GPS Tracking
  • Paintings GPS Tracking
  • Herd GPS tracking (cows and sheep)

The list is endless. Just attach to what you want to track and open your phone app to view its location.

Chipfox tracker features:

• The highest Sigfox certification class u0
• GPS & Sigfox Atlas Geolocation, real-time tracking, position update up 10 min.
• Autonomy: up to 6  years, battery status alert, replaceable  battery
• Resistant to interference and jamming.
• PWA WebApp, Android & iOS standalone installation
• Real-time tracking mode, Location history,  Geofencing, Temperature
• Self-configurable  Geo-fences, notifications & alerts
• GNSS Receiver with active antenna
• High-Performance, Low-Current SIGFOX gateway
• Ultra-low power 3D Accelerometer
• Operating Temperature Range: -30°C to +75°C
•78×48×24mm, weigh: 56g including battery

Subscription: The 12 month subscription for Chipfox is the lowest on the market at just €29. The first year is free.

Chipfox tracker Instructions:

  1. Go to Setting > Add Tracker
  2. If you have camera on your device, scan QR code included in the package or enter Registration code manually.
  3. Click on Register
  4. Tracker is now registered on your account and you can change its initial setting. When new-custom setting is done (or you use initial) insert battery. Please observe polarity. Green LED starts flashing. When green LED stops, new setting was accepted and Tracker is configured. When red LED lights up, new setting wasn’t received, probably due to poor signal. Please remove battery and insert again outside the building.Do you need help? Contact our support.

Download Full Instructions