Digitraq GPS Tracker Edge

267.00 including VAT

Built within an IP67 waterproof enclosure DigiTraq SIGFOX Ready GPS Tracker provides ultra-long geo-localisation services (up to 3 years battery life).

Simple plug and play operation. We send you login details and you just download the mobile app or use a  desktop web portal and you can start tracking immediately. No wiring necessary.

Being low-cost, robust, with widespread coverage, great GPS accuracy, no GSM fees, and unlimited power autonomy and permanent connectivity, it is easy to see how this device makes sense. Not to mention it’s full motion sensing, control and alert functions.

The web portal allows you to browse the tracker route history. You can pick a date and time in the past and see where the tracker moved to on that day.

Inside it has an movement sensor which when activated by movement it will alert your phone through the mobile app. You can also draw out a Geo Fence and if the tracker leaves or enters this zone your phone will again be alerted. All alerts can be activated and deactivated on the mobile app.

Delivery On All Orders Within 5 Working Days

GEOFENCING: Use app to draw boundaries which trigger alerts. Find out in real-time when a tool leaves a building site, when a vehicle leaves a compound.
MOTION DETECTION: Alerts for moving asset to help understand asset usage rate in evaluating idling time. TEMPERATURE: Logged and available.
HIGH ACCURACY: (10 meters) Allows for recovery of lost non powered asset.
COVERAGE: Sigfox network, widespread Europe (beyond GSM networks) and growing in America, Asia, EMEA and Australia)
SECURE AND PRIVATE: Unique key for each activated tracker.
LOW-COST: Annual subscription. The first year is incorporated into the price of the tracker.
AUTONOMY: Long Battery life up to 3 years
READY TO USE: No wiring and no configuration OPEN API: Flexibility to develop custom apps and get more value from your trackers.

Users can locate all their DigiTraq Edge trackers on one mobile device to see latest positions. They can also create geo-fences for notification when the tracker enters or exits a pre-defined area. Users can also set alerts on tracker movement.

The DigiTraq SIGFOX Edge GPS Tracker is an autonomous standalone device, built in IP67 rated enclosure to provide ultra-long connectivity. It has an integrated antenna and connects to the Sigfox network straight out of the box, using a unique key for security and privacy. Users simply download the mobile or web app, register the tracker number in the app, and they’re up and running.

The Digitraq Edge Applications:

  • Ship, Boat or yacht GPS Tracking
  • Machinery GPS Tracking
  • Cargo GPS Tracking
  • Trailers and Containers GPS Tracking

The list is endless. Just attach to what you want to track and open your phone app to view its location.

  • No need to recharge
  • Plug and Pay – No wires and no setting up.
  • App based solution for both IOS and Android
  • Web based solution for live streaming of tracker

Digitraq Edge GPS Tracker Information

  • DigiTraq PV is autonomous – No wiring, No configuration, No Charging required
  • Position determined using GPS with up to 140 geo-localization updates per day
  • Track valuable asset (vehicles, boats, Offshore / Onshore Equipment, Asset on the move… and more)
  • Share the DigiTraq Edge position with multiple users.
  • Alert on motion or when no movement is observed for a period of time
  • Predefine geo-fences or boundaries, and receive notifications directly to your smartphone when your device enters or exits a geo-fence
  • Unlimited power and connectivity with its embedded photovoltaic panel
  • Waterproof enclosure rated IP67 with Internal antenna
  • Attachment accessories included in the kit
  • First year subscription is included.

Digitraq Edge Specifications

  • Arduino IDE compatible software and open source hardware
  • ATMEL AVR 328p CPU (12Mhz)
  • Telecom Design TD1207 SIGFOX modem
  • GlobalTop PA6H GPS module
  • -20C to +60 Operating temperature
  • USB Interface (Recharge, Update firmware)
  • ISP Interface
  • 1 x SPI, 1 x UART, 1 x I2C
  • Analog, PWM, GPIO
  • API available, IFTT, export traces to GPX, ( UQR T g XQ T $ iS
  • SIGFOX Ready, RoHs, CE, Made in France


The annual 12 month subscription for Hidnseek is the lowest on the market at just €35. The first year is free.

Digitraq Edge is new generation new technology extremely low power positioning system using the SIGFOX Internet of Things network which is licensed to VT Networks in Ireland.

When first received the Digitraq Edge is setup to report it’s position (when moving) every 10 minutes. This can be reduced down to every 3 minutes for more accurate tracking.

The movement sensor is also preset to a default level. This can be made more sensitive or less sensitive remotely with our help. Contact us for more information on this.

Download Quick InstructionsDownload App Instructions

This model Digitraq is and upgrade on the original model. One big advantage of the new model is that batteries are off the shelf AA batteries whereas the old model had a special battery pack only available from hidnseek battery.