Fitness tracker watch MG717

149.00 including VAT

This Fitness tracker watch / bracelet comes to you with an in built GPS receiver chip and associated mobile app at a very competitive price.

Other fitness trackers that are in this price category do not have an inbuilt GPS chip. Instead they calculate the distance using the average step length multiplied by the steps taken. This fitness tracker uses the GPS chip to accurately record distance and store it in the watch until you are ready to upload it via Bluetooth to your mobile app.

It utilises a 0.96 ” touch screen solution to navigate through the menu and it has a IP68 waterproof rating.

On the back of the watch / bracelet there is a heart rate monitor which also records your sleep pattern. The best part about this fitness tracker is there are no cables. You simply pull off the strap to reveal a USB port that is plugged directly into a USB socket.

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Fitness Tracker Features

  • Walking using step counter
  • Cycling using GPS Chip
  • Running: using GPS chip
  • Clock: with alarm
  • Heart Rate monitor
  • Step Counter
  • Calorie counter
  • Sleep Pattern recorder
  • USB charging plug incorporated in strap

What is included with you Fitness GPS Tracker watch

  • GPS Tracker watch
  • Instructions

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