Hidnseek GPS Tracker ST1-A

228.00 including VAT

You don’t need a SIM card and you don’t need to recharge the battery every week. Just Plug and Play

Hidnseek is specially designed for expensive vulnerable assets that need tracking but do not have their own source of power. The beauty of this new technology is there is no setting up. You just attach it to the equipment and it will track for 1-6 Months without recharging a battery. It is also small enough to be used as a personal tracker or a dog tracker. For a weatherproof pouch scroll to the end of this page.

Hidnseek is a plug & play tracker just download the phone App, register an account and watch your tracker on the App map. It alerts you when it moves or goes outside a predefined area. It updates every 10 minutes or whenever it moves.

You do not need a SIM card as the tracker communicates with the server through a dedicated frequency which is installed in 140 Transceiver locations around the country.
Once the tracker is attached to the asset you just login on your computer or smart phone and watch it move. Simple as that !


The Hidnseek Sigfox Sim Free GPS Tracker is perfect for;

  • Personal GPS Tracking. (Elders, Kids etc.)
  • Car GPS Tracking
  • Motorbike Tracking
  • Pet GPS Tracking (Scroll to bottom of page for collar pouch)
  • Machinery GPS Tracking
  • Cargo GPS Tracking
  • Paintings GPS Tracking

The list is endless. Just attach to what you want to track and open your phone app to view its location.

  • Exceptionally long battery life up to 1 month without recharge
  • Plug and Pay – No wires and no setting up.
  • App based solution for both IOS and Android
  • Web based solution for live streaming of tracker

Dimensions: the GPS Tracker measures 85x48x15mm (3.34 x1.88 x 0.59 in)


  • Position determined using GPS with up to 140 geo-localisation updates per day
  • Track valuable asset (vehicles, bikes, baggage, boats and more)
  • Share the HidnSeek position with family and friends
  • Alert on motion or when no movement is observed for a period of time
  • Predefine geo-fences our boundaries, and receive notifications directly to your Smartphone when your device enters or exits a geo-fence
  • Rechargeable using micro usb cable provided
  • Annual service charge of €29,90 VAT included

Hidnseek Sigfox Sim Free GPS Tracker Specifications

  • Arduino IDE compatible software and open source hardware
  • ATMEL AVR 328p CPU (12Mhz)
  • Telecom Design TD1207 SIGFOX modem
  • GlobalTop PA6H GPS module
  • -20C to +60 Operating temperature
  • USB Interface (Recharge, Update firmware)
  • ISP Interface
  • 1 x SPI, 1 x UART, 1 x I2C
  • Analog, PWM, GPIO
  • API available, IFTT, export traces to GPX, csv, …
  • SIGFOX Ready, RoHs, CE, Made in France

Subscription: The 12 month subscription for Hidnseek is the lowest on the market at just €29.90. The first year is free.

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