Personal Emergency Locator V16

129.00 including VAT

Ensure your loved ones are safe with a Personal GPS tracker emergency locator.

This mini locator can be placed on the wrist or neck lanyard, keyring or simply in the pocket
It comes with a Lithium-Ion battery and for long battery life it has a sleep mode which reduces power consumption when the tracker is stationary.

Using your Smartphone you will always know where your loved ones are and most importantly if they get into difficulty they can call you with the press of one button.

There are 3 buttons on the locator. 2 call buttons for 2 different numbers and an SOS button which contacts both. When a call button is pressed it acts like any mobile phone and you can have a perfect voice call without the hassle of dialling the numbers.

This product is of particular interest to families of persons with Dimentia / Alzheimer’s as it gives them peace of mind while maintaining the persons own independence.

The product is very easy to use and comes with an app that’s easy to navigate. This product is a Munster GPS favourite.


How the Personal GPS Tracker Emergency locator works

There is a GSM/GPS antenna which receives signals from the network transmitters to determine a geo position. This position is sent through the internet to the app on your phone.

This device has a free app for locating the tracker at all times. Ensure you have GPRS enabled on your SIM. Just ask the SIM retailer to enable.

This device also acts like a wrist mobile phone with only 3 buttons. They can be set up as follows:
Button 1: Call Daddy
Button 2: Call Mammy
SOS Button: Call both Daddy and Mammy until someone responds.

The device as well as being a GPS tracker also has a microphone and loudspeaker to make perfect  2 way conversation between you and the tracker wearer.

What is Included with the Personal GPS Tracker locator

  • GPS emergency locator
  • USB connection
  • Instructions

What is not Included

Sim Card

GPS tracker emergency locator information

  • Please be sure the tracker is turn off before you insert or take out the Micro- SIM.
  • Please be sure the GPRS and Caller ID have been activated.
  • Easy to use &set up
  • Insert a GSM Prepay Sim card, dial and listen or set to voice activation.
  • Super mini size
  • Only 27g, easy to hide and carry.
  • Supports GPS and LBS (Location based service)
    If there is no GPS signal it will automatically give you an LBS location which is essentially location by triangulation of the local GSM transmitters.
  • SOS Function
  • In an emergency situation, Press the SOS button for 5 seconds to make this product send an SMS to the emergency contact: SOS!Help! it will call the emergency contacts(can bind up to 5 emergency numbers) 2 times and have an accurate positioning.
  • Two way audio
  • One key dialling function, the device can bind 2 phone numbers. Press key 1 and key 2 , it can make a call to either number, just like a mobile phone.
  • Remote listening function with high acoustic fidelity
  • Track playback
  • Geo-fence
  • Low battery alarm. when the battery life is less than 10%, the tracker will send SMS message to the master-control phone number with 10% battery life.
  • Long standby time. GSM standby (GPS closed) 12 days, GPS standby (10 minutes once positioning) 50 hours, trace interval can be adjusted.
  • Prevention of theft: When the SIM was changed the tracker will send SMS Alert(SIM card has been changed)
  • Powerful tracking platform. you can track by website, APP, SMS. We have our own platform and Android/IOS APP TrackAnywhere.

Download Quick Instructions

Frequently asked questions

Q: What type of SIM card is needed.
A: Any micro sized SIM card from your local network provider. Example vodafone, Three, EIR.
Q: SIM car is installed but when I login it doesn’t show the correct location.
A: Ensure the SIM PIN is disabled and there is credit in the SIM. Best to place the SIM in a mobile phone first to disable the PIN and try using google to check data is enabled. If everything looks good then place the SIM in the tracker.
Q: Why are there no lights flashing.
A: The lights are flashing only when initially turned on. Once the unit is on for 5 minutes the lights go into standby (battery saving mode) but the tracker is still operating.
Q: How do I know if the tracker is on or off.
A: There is a distinct tone when the button is pushed to turn on the tracker and another different tone when the button is pressed to turn off the tracker.
Q: The tracker is not showing the correct position on the map.
A: If the tracker is inside it cannot see the satellites so it resorts to LBS mode which gives a very rough position report. Once the tracker is outside it will revert to GPS mode and gives an accurate position report.
Q: How long will the battery last?
A: Set the GPS positioning, once every 10 minutes to report the location information, about 50 hours of working time. (about 2 days)
Set the GPS positioning, once each 1 minute to report location information, the working time is about 6 hours.
Talk time is about 4 hours.
Combined with your own circumstances, please choose the right correct working mode and position reporting frequency.


Q: why is the radiation from this tracker so low.
A: For children’s health, we reduced the GSM antenna power, power is proportional to the radiation, the greater power the higher radiation.  Generally phone power is 33 db, whereas the maximum power on this device is 27 db,  radiation doubles every 2 db. Keep this in mind when your phone might have a signal but your tracker doesn’t.

Q: Is the tracker waterproof:

Q: What is the location accuracy of the tracker?
A: In open space, the positioning accuracy is 5-15m when the weather is good and no cloud, generally about 30 m.

Q: Why does my tracker sometimes re-start?
A: The tracker will auto reboot under the following conditions:
1. There is no sim card, Tracker can’t detect the SIM card.
2. No signal or Signal is poor, the tracker is offline.

Q: What is the battery capacity? Is the battery removable?
A: Tracker uses high capacity ratio battery, battery capacity is 520 mAh
Battery is sealed.

Q: what GPS chip does the tracker use for positioning accuracy?
A: Uses the MTK chip , the positioning accuracy is 5-15 m using in open space.

Q: Why do I need a SIM card?
A: The tracker itself doesn’t need SIM card, But the GPS device needs to upload the positioning data to the positioning platform or forward to the guardian’s phones, for this it needs a SIM card

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