About Munster GPS

About Munster GPS

Munster GPS was started in January 2014.

Initially, we created and in 2017 we decided to introduce to the UK market.

I worked the first half of my career as an Electronic Design Engineer producing DC-DC converters which are widely used with GPS tracker products. I also have a particular interest in GPS navigation due to my new career in aviation.

I was initially introduced to the world of GPS tracking after my dog went missing for several days. I finally found her but spent a long time browsing the internet for a solution. I found it difficult to find something that was affordable and fit for purpose.

On another occasion I was in a busy shopping centre and one of my kids went missing. It was only for 1 or 2 minutes but it gave me enough of a fright to get me back browsing for more information on GPS Trackers.

I spent 6 months purchasing GPS tracker samples and testing them. I eventually came up with a matrix outlining the pros and cons of each product taking into account the following:

  • GPS Sensitivity
  • Price
  • Battery Life
  • Technical Support
  • Quality
  • Compatibility

We now have a list of products that we can safely say are affordable and fit for purpose. Please do not hesitate to contact Munster GPS with any questions you may have.