GPS Tracker FAQs

GPS Tracker FAQs

The first thing to do is log in to your app and click on the DEVICE MESSAGE icon. If there are no messages it means the vibrate alarm or Geo-Fence are not set up properly. Revert to the video on for setup.

If you click on the DEVICE MESSAGE icon and there are a list of messages present but you haven’t received an alarm on your phone this means the tracker is working properly. i.e. it is sending alerts. However, the phone software is stopping the app alerts from alarming your phone. This is usually an Android issue. If you have an Android phone click on the following link for a list of possible solutions. Solution 4 is usually the one that fixes it if you’d prefer to jump to it: Android App Notification issues

  • If the blue LED light at the charging port is solid there is no GPS signal. If the blue LED light is flashing there is a GPS signal and the tracker will give accurate readings.
  • If the orange LED light is solid the tracker doesn’t have a GSM signal. If the orange light is flashing it does have a GSM signal.
  • In most cases, both the blue and orange lights should be flashing when the tracker is moving and is outdoors.

There are a few reasons why the tracker is OFFLINE. If the SIM is out of credit, if the tracker is outside the GSM coverage area or if the tracker is stationary for more than 5 minutes. When the tracker is stationary it goes into standby mode (battery saving). Once it starts moving again it will come back ONLINE.

If the tracker does not have a GPS (satellite) signal it uses an LBS position which is a position determined from triangulating between your local GSM masts (phone masts). This is not very accurate and will only give you a rough idea of where the tracker is. This may happen indoors or if the tracker is encased in a heavy metal box. Once the tracker has a satellite signal it will automatically revert to GPS mode and will give you an accurate position report.

Check the red LED light beside the charging port to see if it is illuminated. It should be solid red when charging. If it’s plugged in and not illuminated then the tracker is either fully charged or there is an issue with the charging cable.

If the red light is blinking this means the charger you are using is not powerful enough to charge the large battery bank of the tracker. Change for a more powerful charger.

  • The light only illuminates when charging.
  • Once the tracker is fully charged the red light turns off automatically.

There is a button on the top of the tracker that’s difficult to see. It has a paw printed on it. Press this button for 4 seconds and it will power up the tracker.